Fast Loans Firms: Complete List of New and Old

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If you are looking for a list of all companies for quick credits and online loan money, this article will help you. http://whistlestopdepot.com has more information

As the number of these non-bank financial companies grows, here you will see both new companies for easy and urgent loans, as well as already established and proved on the Bulgarian market.

1. Vivus

One of the easiest and quickest online loans in Bulgaria. Every first non-interest-bearing credit with 0% interest. Approval for up to 15 minutes. Without a guarantor and no guarantors. Maximum amount – up to $ 1,000 Full online and without getting out of the computer.

2. Creditsimo

Leader in online microcredit in Bulgaria. Every first loan up to 600 BGN without interest returned within 30 days. Contributions up to BGN 2500 Only with an ID card and money for a loan without a labor contract.

3. Feratum

In urgent need of money at any time. They work 24 hours a day. Fast approval, maximum amount you can get – up to $ 3,000. Approval for only 5 minutes. You get the money the same day. Possibility of extending the term of the loan.

4. Credit Help

Fast money on loan online up to $ 2,000 Without getting out of the computer. Approval for up to 20 minutes. Repay monthly installments according to the individual capabilities of each client.

5. Max Credit

One of the popular fast-paced companies with innovative solutions and products. Fast consumer loans with repayment of installments up to BGN 3000 Convenient installment, fixed interest and credit at a good price and interest rate. Free financial consultation.

6. Cash Box

They offer fast online loans up to BGN 5,000 per individuals and emergency business loans. Opportunities for refinancing and restructuring. You can apply from all over the country.

7. Provider

Offers short-term, small loans from 200 to 2500 BGN without collateral . No guarantors and bank guarantees. Repayment of weekly installments.

8. BNP Paribas

For those who want bigger loans with quick decision and no guarantors. You can download up to 70,000 lv for repair, furnishing or buying a car. Enhanced online application procedure.

9. Easy Credit

Offers non-bank consumer loans, granted at the client’s home with the help of credit consultants. They offer loans up to BGN 8,000 and special loans for pensioners . An international company providing loans to people with different social status.

10. Mini Loan

Emergency and easy money on loan . An online online procedure without visiting offices and no credit counselors in your home. You can get the amount up to 10 minutes after approval on the same day. No fees for early repayment. Loan with decreasing interest rates for loyal customers.

11. Cash Loan

One of the famous fast loan companies with approval for only 6 minutes. Loans without proof of income. Loans suitable for unemployed, women in maternity, retired and self-employed. a high-tech financial institution that offers urgent micro loans up to $ 2,000.

12. Profi Credit

Offers fast loans in monthly installments up to 5000 BGN. You can apply by phone or in an office. Minimum application and approval documents. Very flexible conditions – you can reduce or postpone your monthly installment.

13. Smile Credit

They offer emergency loans with very easy application – just 4 clicks. Approval for up to 20 minutes. Loan from 50 to 500 BGN without guarantor and Credit in installments from 600 to 1500 BGN without guarantors. Completely online, all over Bulgaria.

14. Net Credit

And this is one of the well-known fast-paced lenders who offer every first loan to a non-interest payoff if you return it to a certain grace period. The company also offers a loan in installments of up to 1500 leva. Opportunities to get the money today.

15. Micro Credit

Innovative company with very flexible conditions. Apply quickly and easily. You receive cash in cash or a bank account. Repayment of equal weekly or monthly installments. Loan options without proof of income. No collateral and no guarantors .

16. Viva Credit

It is a non-banking financial institution that, besides loans for small amounts, grants loans up to BGN 90 000. It has more than 50 retail outlets throughout the country.

17. Credit Ins

This is one of the relatively less familiar and new online lending companies. They only give money for identity card and credit without a guarantor . Money is received in cash. You pay interest only for the period of use. Opportunity for refinancing. Maximum amount: up to 1500 BGN

18. Creditlead

Creditlead provides quick consumer loans. Products: credit advance up to 300 leva, retirement loan up to 1500 leva, consumer loan up to 3000 leva with repayment of monthly installments and mortgage loan up to 20000 leva 100% Bulgarian company. Apply online or in an office.

19. Health Credit

They offer micro loans up to $ 399 and consumer credit from $ 400 to $ 5,000. They also offer money for a mortgage and a car loan.

20. Sofia Commerce Credit Group

Offers money with 0% interest up to 500 BGN and regular loan up to 2000 BGN. The company has experience in mortgage lending and granting microcredit without collateral for individuals and legal entities. There is one of the largest network of partner offices in the country.

21. Fast Loans Ltd.

They offer online loans from BGN 500 to 2000 for new clients only against identity card and approval within 10 minutes. Repayment of fixed monthly installments. Maximum repayment term: 60 months.

22. Terra Credit

They allocate from BGN 100 to 2000. They have over 40 offices throughout the country. You can get the money today. The amounts are granted without a mortgage and without a pledge. Repayment of equal weekly installments.

23. Overgas Capital

Overgas Capital AD is a financial company offering fast consumer loans. Their advantageous rates and interest rates are placed between banks and fast loan companies. Opportunity to refinance fast loans.

24.Sys Credit

Sys Credit is a microfinance institution that offers loans up to 50000 BGN to business customers. They also offer up to 30000lv. of individuals who want to refinance quick loans. In the area of ​​fast loans, they offer amounts of BGN 300. up to 2000lv.

25. Top Credit

Top Credit is a non-banking financial institution with offices in Pleven, Sevlievo, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse and Gabrovo. Allows loans only to residents of these municipalities. Applying only in an office.

26. Разпро Кредит

DistPro Credit is a financial institution that operates in the provision of fast consumer loans, mortgage and business loans. The head office of the company is in the city of Varna.

27. City Cash

City Cash is a non-banking financial institution that offers emergency loans throughout Bulgaria. Its first office was opened in Sofia. Provides credits from BGN 200 to BGN 3000 under fast and easy procedure. Loans are also granted to people without a contract of employment. They work with credit consultants.

28. Izaem.bg

Izaem is a service offered by AIZAEM.BG Ltd. with a business lending activity. Offers small and fast urgent loans up to BGN 5,000 Fixed interest for the entire period with repayment of equal weekly or monthly installments.

29. Factor MI

Factor MI is not just one of the popular fast loan companies but is a non-bank institution with a rich portfolio of financial services such as money transfers, insurance, leasing, currency exchange, business loans, quick loans, auto loan, etc.

30. Kinti.bg

Kinti.bg is one of the modern and relatively new services for fast loan companies. Kinti.bg is a trademark of Macroadvans AD. Offers emergency loans from 50 to 1000 leva for a period of 5 days to 12 months. Easily apply online from around the country using your computer, laptop or smartphone.

31. Quick Cash

Quick Cash is owned by Feratou Bulgaria and offers fast consumer credits with an approval response within minutes. First credit without interest if you repay it within 15 days. Easy and urgent, only against identity card. 24 hours a day, fast money.


And this is owned by Feratum Bulgaria. They offer emergency credits up to 3000 leva. Approval for up to 10 minutes. No proof of income and no collateral.

33. LuckyCredit

Lucky Credit is a small loan company in an urgent need for financial resources. Minimum documents – only against identity card. You can apply by telephone, online or on-site to their partners. LuckyCredit is a brand of Feratum Bulgaria.

34. Express Cashier

The Express Cashier is also owned by Feratum Bulgaria. Flexible and convenient online loans 7 days a week and a 24-hour contact with Customer Service Consultants.

35. Free Loan

And Free Loan is a service of Feratum – one of the most famous fast loan companies in Bulgaria. They offer fast online loans up to $ 700 without proof of income, no collateral and no guarantor. Suitable for unemployed, women in maternity, retired and self-employed.

36. Icredit

Icredit is a relatively new service for the financial institution Stik Credit. They offer very fast and easy application with approval in minutes. Sums from 400 to 1500 leva and a return period of up to 12 months. Completely online. Get the amount you need up to hours within the same business day.

Taking quick loans also hides some risks. Before you decide which company you will take urgent loan money, carefully compare all conditions, interest and charges. Our article tips for quick credit withdrawals may help you.

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