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The advantages of the electronic cigarette: doing it is easy!

The advantages of the electronic cigarette: doing it is easy!

As you will have understood from the previous paragraphs, vaping has numerous advantages over other nicotine substitutes. However, being able to continue taking “cigarette breaks” and maintaining the act of smoking without doing so are not alone. In fact, the electronic cigarette also allows you to bypass the numerous small inconveniences that accompany the use of nicotine patches or chewing gum best cbd vape juice.

The downside of nicotine patches

Using nicotine patches has several disadvantages that should be taken into consideration if you want to quit smoking in this way.

In fact, patches can in particular be responsible for the redness and itching in the area where they are applied. It is therefore always necessary to be careful to vary the place in which they are placed.

Also, having a nicotine patch on your body prevents some activities from being practiced. Since the active ingredient in the treatment is temperature dependent, a person with a nicotine patch on their skin should definitely avoid certain hobbies such as saunas, hot baths and even prolonged exposure to the sun. With nicotine patches, you can no longer sunbathe on the beach!

The other side of the coin

Likewise, chewing gum has several problems.

They can in fact be responsible for the irritation of different parts of the mouth, hypersalivation, hiccups and many digestive disorders. In some cases, headaches may also occur.

With the electronic cigarette, no problem

The electronic cigarette has none of these disadvantages! Indeed, no irritation and other redness must be taken into account when using an e-cigarette. All activities are allowed and even recommended since by quitting smoking, the vaper can very quickly experience  various beneficial effects on his health  , such as an improvement in his physical performance.

In truth, the only problem a smoker may encounter during their transition to vaping is coughing slightly when taking a puff. A cough that doesn’t affect all new vapers but that can be explained in several ways.

Finally, one of the other advantages that could be mentioned when it comes to quitting smoking thanks to the electronic cigarette, are obviously the many flavors that e-liquids offer!

Imagine being able to take a puff with your new e_cig and feel like you’re  enjoying your favorite dessert  . Do you prefer fruit? So why not quit smoking with some strawberry, melon, apricot, cherry, or whatever other vapor you want! There are thousands of flavors, so why deprive yourself of them?

And if you prefer to keep the taste of tobacco, vaping will allow you to discover aromas that you did not even suspect.