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Why Would One Hack an Instagram Account?

Why Would One Hack an Instagram Account?

Instagram is the biggest social media platform. It is famous among young artists and content creators. Small businesses and celebrities also use Instagram to share their daily life. There are several personal accounts as well. Though it is popular, Instagram also posses few technical drawbacks.

One of the technical drawbacks is hacking of the account. The reason behind hacking an Instagram account is profit or just fun.  Sometimes, covetous people hack accounts with the motive of spoiling their reputation by posting irrelevant content. If it is a business account, to gain profits. They are also hacked out of boredom or to drive in someone’s privacy.

It is not necessary to be a professional hacker to hack an Instagram account. One can follow few guidelines and easily hack an account.

Techniques for Hacking an Instagram Account

  • Brute Forcing Attack- This is a trial and error technique to hack an account. Brute force is an easy method to get the correct information from a user’s account. It is an effective method and depends on how strong the user has created the password. Brute force is accessed through online apps like InstaPwn, InstaEntry, InstaRipper, and many more.
  • Pishing- It is the oldest method of cracking passwords. Pishing is a popular method in creating fake login pages and fake third-party applications. It is the cheapest technique of hacking. Pishing can be using Shadow wave, Kali Linux, and Parrot OS.
  • Social Engineering- It is a direct hacking technique. If the user is a known person to the hacker, the password is hacked by guessing the user’s birth date, hometown, or name of the favorite person.
  • MITM- It stands for Man in the Middle. When the hacker and user are in the same network, the hacker scans the network and gets the required credentials. The hacker can also create fake clone wifi.

Other methods to hack an Instagram account are Rainbow table attacks and Key loggers. Apart from these techniques, various websites can hack an Instagram account.

Hacking is a profession of high scope. Professional hackers are appointed in various fields like security forces and website and app development companies to collect crucial data and to fix bugs and vulnerabilities in the system. One should not use the hacking skills and abilities in a corrupt manner or out of selfishness. It might get them to end up with various punishments. Without hackers, the world could not be updated. Therefore a hacker should not get into unjust activities of